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Excel RADIANS Function

Excel RADIANS function

The Excel RADIANS function converts degrees to radians. For example, =RADIANS(180) returns 3.1415 or the value of π (pi).

Converts degrees into radians
Return value 
=RADIANS (angle)
  • angle - Angle in degrees to convert to radians.
Usage notes 

The RADIANS function takes an angle in degrees and converts it to radians. Radians measure angles using the radius of a circle. For example, to convert a 45 degree angle to radians the formula is:

=RADIANS(45) // Returns 0.785 or π/4


Radians are a unit of measure for circles

A radian is equal to the amount of rotation required to travel one radius along the circumference of the circle, as seen in the image above. A full-rotation or 360° in radians is equal to the value of 2π. A half-rotation or 180° in radians is equal to the value of geometric constant π (pi).

= RADIANS(360) =2*PI() // A full rotation is 6.283...
= RADIANS(180) =PI() // A half rotation is 3.141...


  • To convert radians to degrees, see the DEGREES function.
  • A full-rotation (360°) in radians is equal to 6.283 or 2π
  • A half-rotation (180°) in radians is equal to 3.142 or π (pi).

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