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Excel DOLLARDE Function

Excel DOLLARDE function

The Excel DOLLARDE function converts a dollar price entered with a special notation to a dollar price displayed as a decimal number.  The DOLLARFR function does the opposite conversion.

Convert dollar price as fraction to decimal
Return value 
Equivalent decimal number
=DOLLARDE (fractional_dollar, fraction)
  • fractional_dollar - Dollar component in special fractional notation.
  • fraction - The denominator in the fractional unit. 8 = 1/8, 16 = 1/16, 32 = 1/32, etc.
Usage notes 

The DOLLARDE function is a financial function which converts values pricing entered with a particular fractional notation into an equivalent decimal number. It can be used for securities where pricing is given to the nearest 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, etc.

For example, to convert the the price "3 and 1/16" to an equivalent decimal value, you can use the DOLLARDE function like this:

=DOLLARDE(3.01,16) // returns 3.0625

Notice first argument shows the whole dollar value on the left, and the decimal component is used to express the numerator (.01 = 1, .11 = 11, etc.). The second argument is the denominator.

In the example shown, the formula column E, copied down, is:


On each row, the DOLLARDE function picks up the fractional dollar notation from column C and the denominator from column D.


  1. Both fractional_dollar and fraction arguments must be numeric values.
  2. The value for fraction must be greater than zero.

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