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Excel ARABIC Function

Excel ARABIC function

The Excel ARABIC function converts a Roman numeral as text to an Arabic numeral. For example, the formula =ARABIC("VII") returns 7.

Converts a Roman numerals to an Arabic numerals
Return value 
A number (in Arabic numeral)
=ARABIC (roman_text)
  • roman_text - The Roman numeral in text that you want to convert.
Usage notes 

The ARABIC function converts a Roman numeral to a number in Arabic numeral form. The result from ARABIC is a numeric value.

ARABIC takes just one argument, roman_text, which should be a Roman number provided as a text string. For example, the formula below converts "VII" to the number 7:

 =ARABIC("VII") // returns 7

Other examples

 =ARABIC("L") // returns 50
 =ARABIC("C") // returns 100
 =ARABIC("M") // returns 1000
 =ARABIC("MM")+1 // returns 2001

The ROMAN function performs the opposite conversion:

=ROMAN(2021) // returns "MMXXI"
=ARABIC("MMXXI") // returns 2021

Roman numbers

The table below lists available Roman numbers with their equivalent Arabic number value.

Symbol Value
I 1
V 5
X 10
L 50
C 100
D 500
M 1000


  • The maximum length of roman_text is 255 characters.
  • The ARABIC function performs the opposite conversion as the ROMAN function.
  • If roman_text is not recognized as a Roman number, ARABIC returns #VALUE!
  • ARABIC can process Roman numbers in upper or lower case.

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