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About This Shortcut 

This shortcut performs two important actions in Excel:

  1. It converts formatted text (i.e., italic, bold, font, etc.) to plain text.
  2. It converts formulas to values.

Traditionally, the Paste Special dialog box has been the easiest way to do this. However, this shortcut removes the extra step of selecting "Values",  performing Paste Special > Values in a single step. The result depends on the content of the clipboard:

  • If the clipboard contains formatted text, the formatting will be removed.
  • If the clipboard contains a formula, the formula will be removed.

This shortcut is only available in the latest versions of Excel and is not yet available on the Mac. In versions of Excel that don't have this shortcut, you can use a two-step process:

  1. Use Command + Option + V to open Paste Special
  2. Type "v" to select "Values", then press OK

Note: A dedicated Mac shortcut is expected in the future. The official announcement is here.

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