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Excel BITXOR Function

Excel BITXOR function
The Excel BITXOR function returns a decimal number representing the bitwise XOR of two numbers. For each corresponding bit in the binary representation of the numbers a logical XOR operation is performed and the resulting number returned.
Returns a 'Bitwise Xor' of two numbers
Return value 
Decimal Number
=BITXOR (number1, number2)
  • number1 - A positive decimal number.
  • number2 - A positive decimal number.
Usage notes 

The input numbers must be greater than or equal to zero and no larger than 2^48 - 1.

Difference Between OR and XOR

When a waiter in a breakfast diner asks if you want coffee OR orange juice, they really are asking if you want coffee XOR juice. You can have one or the other, but not both.