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Two-way summary count with COUNTIFS

Excel formula: Two-way summary count with COUNTIFS
Generic formula 

To build a two-way summary count (i.e. summarizing by rows and columns) you can use the COUNTIFS function.

In the example shown, the formula in G5 is:


How this formula works

The COUNTIFS function is designed to count things based on more than one criteria. In this case, the trick is to build a summary table first that contains one set of criteria in the left-most column, and a second set of criteria as column headings.

Then, inside COUNTIFS function, range1 is the named range "dept" (C5:C11) and the criteria comes from column F, input as the mixed reference $F5 (to lock the column). Range2 is the named range "class" (D5:D11) and the criteria comes from row 4, input as the mixed reference G$4 (to lock the row):


When this formula is copied through the table the mixed references change so that COUNTIFS will generate a count as the intersection of each "pair" of intersecting criteria.

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