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Summary count of non-blank categories

Excel formula: Summary count of non-blank categories
Generic formula 

To build a summary count of non-blank categories, you can use the COUNTIFS function.

In the example show, the formula in G6 is:


How this formula works

This example relies on core COUNTIFS functionality.

To create a summary count by building, we would use COUNTIFS like this:


Where the criteria_range1 is B5:B11 (locked as an absolute reference so that the formula can be copied down the table and criteria1 is pulled from column F. This will return a count of all matching buildings based on column B only.

To count inspections by building, we need to extend the formula by adding an additional range/criteria pair like this:


Here, criteria_range2 is C5:C11 (as an absolute reference) and criteria2 is "<>", which means "not blank" or "not empty". For the formula in F6, this translates to: count of entries where building is A and inspection is not blank.

In a similar way, to count approvals per building, we use this formula in H6:


The first range/criteria pair is the same. The second range/criteria pair simply counts non-blank entries in the approval column (D5:D11).

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