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Excel Training videos

These videos come from our Excel video training.
Tip: 23 formula tips to save you time today
In this video, we run through more than 20 tips you can use to save time with Excel formulas today. We believe in making videos that are quick and to the point, so this is a rapid-fire list...
Run time: 11:16
Tip: How to trace formula relationships
In this video, we look at how to quickly find formulas and trace relationships, using the concept of precedents and dependents. A great way to quickly understand an unfamiliar worksheet.
Run time: 3:13
Tip: How to do a two-way lookup with INDEX and MATCH
In this video, we use use MATCH to find the position of an item in a table, and we use INDEX to retrieve the value at that position. We work step-by-step so you can see how both functions...
Run time: 3:17
Tip: How to look things up with INDEX
In this video, we look at how to configure INDEX to fetch a value by row and column. This is half of the INDEX/MATCH equation.
Run time: 2:48
Tip: How to use the MATCH Function for exact matches
In this video, we look at how the MATCH function can find the position of an item in a list. Once you have a position, you can use it to get related values with INDEX.
Run time: 3:23
Tip: How to use VLOOKUP for approximate matches
In this video, we look at how to configure VLOOKUP to look up values based on an approximate match. This is good for things like tax rates, postage, grades, and commissions.
Run time: 2:52
Tip: How to use VLOOKUP
In this video, learn how to use VLOOKUP to build a simple form to extract employee information from a table, in about 3 minutes.
Run time: 3:10
Tip: How to clean text with TRIM and CLEAN
When you bring data into Excel you sometimes end up with extra spaces and line breaks. This short video shows you how to clean things up with TRIM and CLEAN.
Run time: 2:35
Tip: IF this OR that
In this video we look at how to combine the IF function with the OR and AND functions to test more than one condition at the same time.
Run time: 3:02
Tip: How to use the IF function
The IF function is very versatile. You can use it whenever you need to test a condition and take an action based on the result. You can even combine multiple IF statements to check multiple...
Run time: 3:08
Tip: How to change case with formulas
If you want to change case in Excel, you'll need to use the UPPER, LOWER, or PROPER functions. Together with other functions they give you the tools to transform case.
Run time: 2:59
Tip: How to create a 3D formula reference
With 3D referencing you build a reference that refers to a range of worksheets. It's an elegant way way to analyze a large number of identical worksheets with simple formulas.
Run time: 3:10
Tip: How to create a mixed reference
A mixed reference is part relative, and part absolute. Mixed references are useful when you want only part of a cell reference to change when you copy a formula.
Run time: 2:34
Tip: How to make an exact copy of a formula
Normally, when you copy a formula in Excel, relative cell references automatically change. But sometimes, you want to make an exact copy of a formula, and you don't want the references...
Run time: 2:58
Tip: How to build a complex formula step by step
Some formulas you see in Excel can be extraordinarily complex. But all complex formulas are built from simple steps. In this video, we built a more complex formula step by step.
Run time: 3:09