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Excel tips: vlookup

These videos come from our Excel video training.
Tip: How to use VLOOKUP to merge tables
VLOOKUP is a great way to merge data in two tables based on a common ID. This video shows you how in 3 minutes. You can even use this technique to reorder the columns you retrieve.
Run time: 3:10
Tip: How to use VLOOKUP for approximate matches
In this video, we look at how to configure VLOOKUP to look up values based on an approximate match. This is good for things like tax rates, postage, grades, and commissions.
Run time: 2:52
Tip: How to use VLOOKUP
In this video, learn how to use VLOOKUP to build a simple form to extract employee information from a table, in about 3 minutes.
Run time: 3:10
Tip: Why VLOOKUP is better than nested IFs
In this video, we look at a few reasons why VLOOKUP is a better option than nested IF statements, when you need to assign a commission rate (or a grade) based on an arbitrary value.
Run time: 2:58
Tip: How to use VLOOKUP instead of nested IFs
In this short video, we look at how to replace a typical nested IF formula with a VLOOKUP formula. Compared to nested IF statements, VLOOKUP is simpler and more transparent.You can change...
Run time: 3:57