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Excel tips: tables

These videos come from our Excel video training.
Tip: How to create a running total in a Table
Calculating a running total in an Excel table is a little tricky, because it's not obvious how to build the formula with structured references. You can easily get the current row with...
Run time: 3:32
Tip: How to use VLOOKUP with an Excel Table
This video shows how to setup VLOOKUP with a table, and how to use the MATCH function inside VLOOKUP to generate a dynamic column index. This makes it easy to refer to columns by name...
Run time: 3:40
Tip: How to use SUMIFS with a table
In the video, we build one set of SUMIFS formulas with a table, and one set without. This makes it really easy to see the nice benefits you get when you combine tables and formulas.
Run time: 3:40
Tip: How to query a table with formulas
Because tables support structured references, you can learn a lot about a table with basic formulas. In this video, we run through about a dozen examples. It's a nice demo of how...
Run time: 3:49
Tip: Introduction to Structured References and Tables
In this video gives a brief introduction to structured references. Structured references is just a fancy name for formulas that use table names instead of normal cell references. This...
Run time: 3:35