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Excel tips: pivot tables

These videos come from our Excel video training.
Tip: How to add unique count to a pivot table
In this video, we'll look at how to get a unique count in a pivot table. Pivot tables are excellent tools for counting and summing data, but you might struggle to get a unique or...
Run time: 3:25
Tip: How to rank with a pivot table
Pivot Tables make it incredibly easy to analyze data quickly without formulas. In the example, we use a pivot table to summarize product sales by product, then assign a rank to each product...
Run time: 3:15
Tip: How to copy a pivot table without the data
When you copy and paste a pivot table, a hidden data cache still remains. This video shows a simple way to copy a pivot table without the source data, while preserving all formatting.
Run time: 2:45
Tip: How to group a pivot table with custom buckets
Pivot tables are awesome tools for grouping data, and they do a lot of grouping automatically. But pivot tables also let you group data into your own custom buckets, which is great for...
Run time: 2:45
Tip: How to use a slicer for multiple pivot tables
In this video, we look at how to configure a slicer to control more than one pivot table at once. This technique is often used when building dashboards.
Run time: 2:29
Tip: What's a slicer and how to add one to a pivot table
In this video, we look how slicers filter data in a pivot table and how to easily add a slicer to a pivot table.
Run time: 3:16
Tip: Pivot tables and movie data
A simple example of how you can use pivot tables to analyze all kinds of data, not just sales data. We look at the top 250 movies from IMDB from 2014.
Run time: 2:28
Tip: What's up with Pivot Table Layouts?
Puzzled by Pivot Table layouts? Wonder what the differences and tradeoffs are in each layout? This video is for you!
Run time: 3:05
Tip: How to clone a pivot table
Once you have one pivot table set up, you might want to see a different view of the same data. In this video, I'll show you how to quickly base one pivot table on another.
Run time: 3:11
Tip: How to group a pivot table by age range
In this video we look at how to group sample voting data into 10 year buckets, using a pivot table.
Run time: 2:47
Tip: What is a pivot table?
What is a Pivot Table anyway? This short video answers the question by using a pivot table to analyze chocolate sales in several different ways. Learn what a pivot table is in less than 3...
Run time: 2:44
Tip: How to make a self-contained pivot table
Each pivot table has a pivot cache, which is a true copy of the source data. In today's video tip, we look at how the pivot cache works, and how it allows you to remove the source data...
Run time: 2:30
Tip: How to quickly create a pivot table
In this video, we show you how to create a pivot table fast.
Run time: 2:56
Tip: How to sort a pivot table with a custom list
Pivot tables can be sorted in several ways - by rows, by columns, and by value. In today’s Exceljet tip, we show you how to sort a pivot table with a custom list.
Run time: 2:24
Tip: Use a table for your next pivot table
If you're building a pivot table from data in an Excel worksheet, you should be using a table for the source data. In this short video, we show you how to use a table as the data...
Run time: 3:13